Beyond fitness.

When you become a martial arts student, you're not just joining a gym or heading out for a walk. You're embarking on a powerful journey of self-discovery. Take us up on the Free Trial and discover the difference. Don’t just log another uninspiring workout… learn how to set your goals high and step onto the path of achievement.

What is Kyuki-Do?

Kyuki-Do is an art that combines the strikes of Tae Kwon Do, the throwing and grappling techniques of Judo and juijitsu, the joint locks of Hapki-Do, and the practice of kobudo (traditional weapons)."Kyuk" means strike. "Ki" is energy. "Do" means art, path, way or method. "Kyuki-Do" then translates as "The way or the art of striking with energy." In Korean, "Kyuki-Do" literally means "spark or explosion."Kyuki-Do is more than just an effective system of self defense; it is a martial art that encourages students to realize their own potential, physically, mentally and spiritually. Students of Kyuki-Do learn discipline, self-control, patience, persistence and respect for themselves and others. Students are expected to continually strive to perfect themselves, both in the dojang, and in every other area of their life.